Class of 1965 - Forty-fifth Reunion

The forty-fifth reunion of the class of 1965 will be on July 31, 2010. The reunion coordinator is Frank Buzerak

July 31, 2009

Hello "Class of "65" and special friends,

Today is July 31, 2009, one year exactly until our 45th reunion in the Katonah Memorial House. I hope this letter finds you all having a very pleasant summer.

Although planning hasn't proceeded in earnest, we continue to update our contact information for all of our class members. Information has continued to arrive slowly and we've made contact with at least eight more classmates. Unfortunately, we've also lost contact with a few, but still a net gain. Thank you to all that have helped with information and leads on lost/missing classmates. I've used every one of them and followed up with changing my information and making contact with those that I could. Please review the list again and let me know if you have any other leads to help us. If you change or plan to change your email address, please send the new one to me so that I can fix the list and you continue to receive updates.

As reunion plans develop, we'll keep you informed so you'll be able to work them into your planning for next summer. We do hope that many of you will be coming to the reunion and use that time to get in visits with friends and family in the area while you are there.

Our pleasant memories of days preceding graduation in "65" should inspire us to gather again and share those days when the anticipation of the future and joys of childhood were rapidly changing. It should be a fun thing to do.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that we can incorporate into our planning. Below, I've put the latest list of classmates, we've yet to find. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and stay well. Goodbye for now - Frank Buzerak

Charlotte Barber
Bruce Bauer
John Booth
Randolph Boyd
Elizabeth Camarco
Martha Cerda
Wayne Conklin
Richard Demetrops
Robert DeSilva
Patricia DeVeau
Nickolas Dillmann
William Enquist
Gail Evans
Lynda Fagen
Fredrick Finch
William Fish
Mary Fitzgerald
Raymond Fuld
Byron Green
Douglas Griswold
Janice Hagedorn
Christine Hanson
Kathryn Hodges
Joseph Jackson
Ronnie Jenkins
Lloyd Jones
Dennis Kaye
Lesley Kenney
Edmond Kerwick
Gail Kuric
Linda Kurtz
Denise Kurzius
Karen Mass
Nancy McCormick
Raymond MacDuffy
Karen Meisezahl
Allen Mickel
Molly Miller
Peter Kittleman
Linda Moore
Kathrine Mueller
Olga Palmerini
Linda Parker
Susan Parker
Kathryn Reese
William Reese
Lillian Rizzo
John Robertson
Greg Rollins
John Rosenholm
John Rossow
Elizabeth Ryan
Peter Ryan
George Sheck
Jack Smith
Linda Schrolec
Chris Stall
Daniel Stone
Susan Sulivan
Diane Tietzen
Muffy Trela
Susan Vicaro
Karen Vogt
Hollie Warfield
Lydia Wilkenloh
Willard Williams
Paul Willis
Linda Worter

May 3, 2009

Dear Classmates, Faculty and Special Friends,

Please circle this date on you calendars, July 31, 2010

In 1965 we graduated with enthusiasm, confusion and awkwardness. We had many good qualities but weren’t always comfortable having them noticed. Youth was our driving force.

It took 20 years to have our first reunion, a great gathering, the first since leaving JJ and in the midst of our careers. We recognized that in many ways we had drifted further apart than we thought. Our interests more focused on ourselves, our success, accomplishments’ and positions. Still a wonderful experience in touching base with classmates we hadn’t seen in many years.

Then came the 40th reunion, so different from the 20th. With it, a truly warm gathering. It drew us closer as classmates, age mates, able to note our wonderful commonalities as well as our exquisite diversity. So strong were our newly found bonds it made it difficult to leave that moment in time.

And now a 45th. We’ve reached an age where we find that gathering is to be cherished and recognize how transitory it all is. This opportunity to come together, a connection to our past, linking it to our present, an opportunity to take stock, reflect on who we are and who we’ve become as individuals and as a group. We now see the other end of the telescope coming closer in our lives. We understand what matters and what is fluff and inconsequential.

How do we communicate the pleasure of meeting “new” people who share a unique and common past? Of meeting these “new” people because the intervening 45 years have continued to shape us. How enjoyable it is to discover people we barely talked with 45 years ago.

With all these and more wonderful reasons to gather, we announce the celebration of our 45th year since graduating John Jay High School. Our next reunion to be held on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.

(thoughts of Ellen Hirning, Jean Sayles and Frank Buzerak)

This is the first class wide announcement of our 45th reunion. The date, in the Summer of 2010 has been selected to allow all of us to know a "date certain" that we can plan for and make it possible to meet during the summer vacation period. It begins the ball rolling to obtain better email, telephone and other contact information.

Some of the things considered by the start up committee (Ellen, Jean, Frank) which has begun putting together the pieces for our next reunion include these goals:

  1. We don't want to see more than five years elapse between our gatherings and seeing each other.

  2. We don't want to make our reunion an expensive undertaking. The goal is to keep things simple and the cost of our "official" get together under $50 per person. (In order to cover the cost of rental, food and beverages)

  3. We want to honor classmates we've lost since graduation and will make that an important part of the weekend.

  4. We want to meet in a location that we are familiar with and that is easily accessible. The Katonah Memorial house looks like the place for our official gathering. Plenty of parking, air-conditioned, accessible by major roads.

  5. We want this to be fun for everyone.
As the plans move along, future emails will fill in details, ask for contact information to help find everyone and, eventually, track who is coming.

Speaking for the committee, thank you for making our 40th reunion such a delightful experience that when a 45th was brought up to a number of folks that maintain contact, a very positive response got it rolling.

Thank you, and we'll keep in touch. Also, please feel free to send suggestions and new contact information where you know someone's information from 4 years ago has changed.

Frank Buzerak, Venice, Florida (volunteer data base keeper and information sender) -

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