The current Classmates page is on the current website, not on this older copy.

The rest of this page is as it was at the time of the reunion.

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Many of our classmates have responded to the request for funds to bring teachers to the reunion. What we've received is very close to our expected costs. Again, what seemed impossible is happening. If you are considering sending money, please do. It will make the job much easier.

We understand that people are not seeking personal recognition and they send donations simply out of a desire to contribute. Still, we appreciate their generosity and what it provides and we thank the following people: Doug Bartel, Judy Elder, Fritz Hoerauf, Nancy Hopkins, Monty Kaiser, Bill Lewis, Jan Maas, Steve Oates, Dixie Perry, Jimmy Requa, Jere Rice, Jim Robinson, Chris Ryvlin, Jane Scannell, Barb Srholec, Wendy Williams.