Will you be a greeter?

As our classmates arrive at the reunion, they will sign-in and we'll give them their name tags. This will be on the 9th floor pool patio where we'll gather before the formal part of the event. Saturday at 4:30 when the reception starts, we will move to the Acapulco room.

The pool patio is a common area for use by all hotel guests, so we won't be able to decorate it with banners or set up signs and tables. It's a comfortable area but the bar will be closed so we're guessing that it won't be very busy and it will be easy for us to meet and greet each other. If it turns out not to work well, we'll move to the Keno Lounge.

Below is the schedule. Our goal is to have two greeters at all times so nobody works alone. Enter your e-mail address and you'll be able to put your name in any of the blank spots. Sign up for as many as you want.

Day Time Greeters
Friday 12n-1pm Barbara Srholec    
Friday 1pm-2pm Barbara Srholec    
Friday 2pm-3pm      
Friday 3pm-4pm      
Friday 4pm-5pm      
Friday 5pm-6pm Jan Maas    
Friday 6pm-7pm      
Saturday 12n-1pm Barbara Srholec Dave Morrill  
Saturday 1pm-2pm Barbara Srholec Jane Scannell  
Saturday 2pm-3pm Jere Rice Monty Kaiser Stephen Oates
Saturday 3pm-4pm Joan Ludwig Judy Elder  
Saturday 4pm-5pm Joan Ludwig DAVID C. MCINTYRE  
Saturday 5pm-6pm      
Saturday 6pm-7pm      

The sign-up part of this page is no longer available. It's too late to sign up.

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