Send pictures if you have them. We all want to see them.

Pick this photo to see the meeting we had on May 29. It was lots of fun but we didn't do much work.

Here are some pictures of the meeting on June 27. This time Fritz put the business part first.

On August 7 we met at Jere's house. We had a good time, did plenty of work, and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.
Pick the balloons for more.

Pick this photo for the latest about the "notorious" cabin.

Look who's in the news.
Pick the photo to read all about it.

Below are old time photos. Pick each one for more detail.

Denny Abbey sent this.

Ricky McMorrow, Dave Vockins, Denny Abbey, Joe King, Pete Mills.
Pick the photo for a closer look.

Jere Rice brought us these old Katonah 6th grade photos.

Katonah 6 1       Pick either photo for a closer look.       Katonah 6 2

Jan Maas sent this one.

Pick the photo for a closer look.

First row: Carol Carr, Karen Kelly, Sue Quick, Mimi Sommers.
Second row: Ann Helms, Nancy Hopkins aka Phillips, Gale Finlayson, Lynda Kirchhoff.
Third row: Jan Maas, Dougie Bartel, Billy Fisher, Bob Miller.
Forth row: Doug Hunt, Stevie Freudenheim, Mrs. Bellanger, Charlie Braadt, Donnie Kellogg.

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