Class of 1963 - Fortieth Reunion

Susan Easterbrooks   Vicki Eastman   Art Fiacco   Zannie Addis   Paul Wade Lang   Diane Longabucco   Jack Lantry

This past September a small group from the class of 1963 attended the 40th reunion of the class of 1962 held at the Foxwoods Casino in New London, CT. It's hard to describe how wonderful the evening was. We reminisced with old friends and several JJ teachers (who seemed not to have aged much in 40 years), danced, laughed and talked and talked until we were all hoarse. The evening ended for some of us at 4:00 AM.

When we said "good-bye" the next morning we agreed that the time together had been too short and we began discussing plans for a 40th reunion featuring the class of 1963.

Some of the conclusions we reached about a 2003 reunion were as follows:

Lets make this happen; we'll have a great time!
Susan Easterbrooks
Vicki Eastman
Art Fiacco
Chip Munk
Zannie Addis
Paul Wade Lang
Sue Mayer
Diane Longabucco
Peter Homberg
Paula Palmer
Jack Lantry

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